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I have worked on 3D modelling since my first year of undergrad, starting out with making engineering drawing models in AutoCad,  then 3D modelling and simulation using SolidWorks during an internship. I have done motion capture using Motive, and 3D animation using Unreal Engine 4 and MotionBuilder.

Wide Open
Interactive Animated Dance Video 

YouTube link:
Dancers - Main Character: Salma Kiuhan
Inner Demon: Miabella Gonzalez
Technical Artists: Ni Ni Than, Matt Kane, and myself

This work is a dance narrative about introspection, personal struggles, and coming out triumphant.

We produced a live music video using Unreal for the song ‘Wide Open’ which has audience interactions like lighting changes, extra spawns controlled through TouchOSC

I was responsible for the ideation, motion capture, retargeting, character design, programming, and was in-charge of the sound design, cinematography, visual effects like particles.

In slideshow: Stills from the video including the TouchOSC interface, Photo from the MoCap session, Storyboard, Audience Experience Plan

Dance Attack
Human Form Motion Capture Video

This project entailed re-targeting and creating a sequence from Motion Capture data and an avatar.

Unreal Sequencer and Tape Recorder, Motive, ReadyPlayerMe, Blendr, Adobe Mixamo and MotionBuilder were used to create this video

In slideshow: Stills from the video, MotionBuilder and Motive screenshots

Unreal Landscape Modelling

Created basket from shapes and used example content for the landscape

Created an abandoned basketball court in Unreal Engine 4

Motion Simulation of DOTIFS using SOLIDWORKS

A SOLIDWORKS model of a telescope

Assembled and simulated Smart Actuators in Devasthal Optical Telescope Integral Field Spectrograph

Calculated required positions for the actuators using a C++ code with output files to feed into SOLIDWORKS

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