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NYU Tandon PhD Hub
Web Design

Figma Design Leadership Webpage.png

Redesigned the "NYU Tandon PhD hub" website after studying the institution's brand identity and design guidelines

Designed interface on Figma and coded the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the help of W3 CSS and BootStrap

Kelem Education Foundation
Web Design

Team member: Josh Nkan

Designed website on Figma and developed website on WiX, created info-graphics and posts for social media promotion with strategy, wrote copy, email design and marketing using MailChimp to create awareness

Conducted research on charitable foundations, developed fundraising strategies, crafted brand identity

Eclipse Soundscapes for Arisa Labs, NASA
User Experience & Interface Design

Team members: Weiwei Zhou, Fabiha Samama Ahmed, and Leigha Jarett

Designed a User Interface for a sound database used in scientific research of solar eclipses by Arisa Labs, which is sponsored by NASA

Process: Conducted User Research which included distributing surveys, competitive analysis, user journey mapping, and designed an interface on Figma with accessibility, social interaction and user engagement in mind

In slideshow: Designed Web + Mobile App UI, Website Flow, User Journey Mapping and Must, Should, Could, Would brainstorming on Miro

Target Demographic: Citizen Scientists of all ages and capabilities

Phone for Education Donation Drive
User Experience Design and User Interface Design

Designed wireframes on Figma for a website that lets users donate phones or money to underprivileged students

Process: Conducted user research, including interviews and competitive analysis amongst the target donors and volunteers, created an organizational plan for the donation drive based on expert interview

In slideshow: Designed Mobile Site UI, 5 Why's Analysis, Organizational Plan, Site Map, Moscow Methods, User Journey Mapping, and User Persona on Miro

Target Demographic: Prospective donors and volunteers

University Students' Mental Health During 2020
Ideation & Prototyping, Research for Design

Team members: Jennifer Novicki,  Jahnavi Vyas, and Shirley Liu

Created a preliminary prototype on Figma of a customizable browser extension that reminds students to take care of their physical and mental health based on user research, journey map, and competitive analysis

Process: Distributed surveys, conducted interviews and personal inventory analysis with the target demographic and literature review of university student mental health before and after the pandemic, drew stakeholder map

In slideshow: Designed Desktop UI, User Journey Map made on Canva, Stakeholder Map on Miro, Literature Review, Personal Inventory and Interview quote

Target demographic: University students


Many of my UX Design projects have been focused on education. I have designed websites, apps, and graphics for various educational institutes as shown. I am proficient in primary and secondary research-informed design, especially literature reviews. My specialties are user communication (including conducting user interviews, co-design activities), and accessibility.

1. I have experience building prototypes in Figma and Adobe XD.

2. I have strong primary and secondary research skills including reaching out to stakeholders and conducting co-design activities

3. I have experience with all the UX methods such as site maps, user personas, consumer journey mapping, and my master's thesis was a UX research project.

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