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NYU Tandon PhD Hub
Web Design

Figma Design Leadership Webpage.png
  • Redesigned the "NYU Tandon PhD hub" website after studying the institution's brand identity and design guidelines

  • Designed interface on Figma and coded the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the help of W3 CSS and BootStrap

Kelem Education Foundation
Web Design

Team member: Josh Nkan
  • Designed website on Figma and developed website on Wix, created infographics, wrote copy, and promoted the foundation on social media to create awareness for the cause - education of school children in Ethiopia

  • Conducted research on charitable foundations, developed fundraising strategies, crafted brand identity

Eclipse Soundscapes for Arisa Labs, NASA
User Experience & Interface Design

Team members: Weiwei Zhou, Fabiha Samama Ahmed, and Leigha Jarett
  • Designed a User Interface for a sound database used in scientific research of solar eclipses by Arisa Labs, which is sponsored by NASA

  • Process: Conducted User Research which included distributing surveys, competitive analysis, user journey mapping, and designed an interface on Figma with accessibility, social interaction and user engagement in mind

  • In slideshow: Designed Web + Mobile App UI, Website Flow, User Journey Mapping and Must, Should, Could, Would brainstorming on Miro

  • Target Demographic: Citizen Scientists of all ages and capabilities

Phone for Education Donation Drive
User Experience Design and User Interface Design

  • Designed wireframes on Figma for a website that lets users donate phones or money to underprivileged students

  • Process: Conducted user research, including interviews and competitive analysis amongst the target donors and volunteers, created an organizational plan for the donation drive based on expert interview

  • In slideshow: Designed Mobile Site UI, 5 Why's Analysis, Organizational Plan, Site Map, Moscow Methods, User Journey Mapping, and User Persona on Miro

  • Target Demographic: Prospective donors and volunteers

University Students' Mental Health During 2020
Ideation & Prototyping, Research for Design

Team members: Jennifer Novicki,  Jahnavi Vyas, and Shirley Liu
  • Created a preliminary prototype on Figma of a customizable browser extension that reminds students to take care of their physical and mental health based on user research, journey map, and competitive analysis

  • Process: Distributed surveys, conducted interviews and personal inventory analysis with the target demographic and literature review of university student mental health before and after the pandemic, drew stakeholder map

  • In slideshow: Designed Desktop UI, User Journey Map made on Canva, Stakeholder Map on Miro, Literature Review, Personal Inventory and Interview quote

  • Target demographic: University students

Many of my UX Design projects have been focused on education. I have designed websites, apps, and graphics for various educational institutes as shown. I am proficient in primary and secondary research-informed design, especially literature reviews. My specialties are user communication (including conducting user interviews, co-design activities), and accessibility.

1. I have experience building prototypes in Figma and Adobe XD.

2. I have strong primary and secondary research skills including reaching out to stakeholders and conducting co-design activities

3. I have experience with all the UX methods such as site maps, user personas, consumer journey mapping, and my master's thesis was a UX research project.

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